2017 CCCF Board Nominees






    A call for board nominations was put forward to CCCF members in May 2017 and we are very proud to announce that the following nine individuals applied for nomination and election for the six available seats on the CCCF board for three-year terms starting November 15/17-November 14/20:

    Name:             Joan Arruda

    From:             Toronto, ON

    Current Job: CEO, Family Day Care Services

    Professional Membership: Member of the Home Child Care Association of Ontario (HCCAO) and a member of the CCCF

    Past Roles/Work with a Provincial/Territorial Child Care Association: Association Early Childhood Educators Ontario, Board Member/Treasurer 2001-2006 Home Child Care Association of Ontario, Board Member (2005- present) Ontario Early Years Provincial Network – Co-chair (2007-2011) Quality Early Learning Network, Co-Chair (2010- Present)

    Past Roles/Work with a National OrganizationCurrent board member (Director) of the CCCF

    Other Work/Volunteer History: CEO, Family Day Care Services (2004-Present) Executive Director, Thorncliffe Neighbourhood Office – 2000-2004 Supervisor – 1989-2000 – Red Apple Day Care College Instructor, Seneca College, Continuing Ed. (1991-2001) Flemingdon Community Health Centre, Board Member- Treasurer – (1999-2007)

    Reason/Goals/Purpose to Join the CCCF Board: All children and their families deserve access to high quality, affordable, early learning services in their local community. These services should be offered by valued early learning professionals who are well compensated. These early learning professionals should also be able to access long term continuous education and training to further enhance services for children. My interest in running for election again for the CCCF board is to contribute to the national conversation based on my own learning from working with provincial and local organizations.

    Name:             Cottes, Linda

    From:             Toronto, ON

    Current Job:  Senior Vice President Child & Family Development, YMCA of Greater Toronto

    Professional Membership: Canadian Child Care Federation

    Past Roles/Work with a Provincial/Territorial Child Care Association: Elected Council Member with the Ontario College of Early Childhood Educators. Executive Committee member for the College of ECE’s. Chair of Complaints Committee for the College of ECE’s. Co-chair of a network of non-profit child care agencies in Ontario, the Quality Early Learning Network. Current Chair of Advisory Committee for the YMCA’s of Ontario.  Current Expert Panel member on Early Years Capital Standards in Schools.  Current Member of the Minister of Early Years Advisory.

    Past Roles/Work with a National Organization: Current board member (Director) of the CCCF; Lead Association for National YMCA play based curriculum. Responsible for training, assessment and ongoing delivery.

    Other Work/Volunteer History: Current co-chair of the Quality Early Leaning Network (Ontario); Registered Early Childhood Educator with 35 years of experience. Responsible for 280 child care sites, with 29,000 licensed spaces supported by 3000 outstanding educators.

     Reason/Goals/Purpose to Join the CCCF Board:For 38 years I have been committed to moving the profession forward, bringing recognition to the importance of Early Learning and the importance of continuous learning for the educators. I have grown up in this profession and led my Association through a significant amount of change, particularly in the last seven years, with the changes to child care in the province of Ontario (transitioning to full day Kindergarten, Early Learning modernization, the College of ECE’s). I have been actively engaged with this change, striving for a system that is supportive to families, committing to high quality early learning environments for children. A significant amount of change is still required in Ontario, but it is going in the right direction. I would like to leverage my provincial knowledge to inform at the national level and learn more at the national level to inform my work at the provincial level. I believe my knowledge and experience would be an asset to the Board and I would love to have the opportunity to engage in national conversations about excellence in Early Learning and Child Care.

    Name:             Fowler Massie, Laura

     From:             Chelsea, Quebec

     Current Job: Department Coordinator, Early Childhood Care and Education at Cegep Heritage College

     Professional Membership: Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF)

     Past Roles/Work with a Provincial/Territorial Child Care Association: NA

     Past Roles/Work with a National Organization: NA

    Other Work/Volunteer History: Andrew Fleck Child Care Services,   Ottawa, ON Supervisor-Head Teacher; Variety Child Care Services, Ottawa, ON: Head Teacher: Toddler Program; Chelsea Cooperative Nursery School: Chelsea, Quebec Teaching Director; Parent Resource Centre Ottawa, ON: Coordinator – Drop In Program ; Parent Resource Centre Ottawa, ON: Coordinator; Quintet Consulting Corporation, Ottawa, ON: Manager – Client Relations and Business Development; Charlemagne Child Care Services, Orleans, ON: Supervisor

    Reason/Goals/Purpose to Join the CCCF Board: I hold a diploma in ECE from Algonquin College, a B.A. in Psychology from Carleton University and a Masters of Education with a specialization in college teaching, from the University of Sherbrooke. With more than thirty years in the field I have taught in licensed child care, co-op nursery schools and family resource programs.

    I am excited to meet and work with like-minded professionals who are as passionate about early child development as I am. I have a particular interest in play within full-day kindergarten and elementary classrooms. I have a strong interest in supporting teachers in best practices in inquiry-based curriculum. I am particularly curious about teachers perceptions of play as a path to deep learning for children. With the implementation of documents such as “ELECT” and “How Learning Happens” I wonder if the notion of play as a best practice has been fully embraced or is it still perceived as a four letter word within elementary education?

    In addition to that, I am also passionate about promoting and advocating for all aspects of early learning and child care with a particular interest in supporting ECE’s knowledge of aboriginal early learning practices. This fall I will undertake a special project on behalf of my college with a focus on strengthening reciprocal partnerships with aboriginal and first nations family support and early learning settings. I hope to create fieldwork opportunities for our aboriginal and non-aboriginal ECE students in friendship centres, Head-start programs, family support programs and other programs providing services to indigenous peoples. I have attached my proposal for your information.

    I am also a certified hatha yoga teacher with special training in teaching yoga to children. I am exploring the possibility of creating a training program for ECE’s who would like to teach relaxation, mindfulness and stress reduction to children. My idea is to train ECE’s to deliver this program free of charge in communities and schools where children may be particularly at-risk and who may not have access to expensive mainstream programs.?

    Finally, I would like to mention that I am very interested in early learning and child care on a global level. I have been involved in taking ECE students to remote villages in Guatemala for the past five years. This two week humanitarian project exposes my ECE students to the challenges families and children face when living in extreme poverty. It has been my experience that this kind of deep learning and subsequent reflection supports my ECE students world views and empowers them to excel in their own personal practice at educators of young children.

     Name:             Hees, Carla

     From:             Westbank, BC

    Current Job: Completing studies in the Community Care Facilities Licensing Officer program at the Justice Institute of BC.

    Professional Membership: Early Childhood Educators of BC (ECEBC), Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF), BC Aboriginal Child Care Society (BCACCS)

     Past Roles/Work with a Provincial/Territorial Child Care Association:

    Immediate Past President, ECEBC; BC Affiliate representative to the  Canadian Child Care Federation: CCCF—Award of Excellence Review Committee Member; Working Group ECEBC Leadership Initiative Evaluation Process; Working Group ECEBC Innoweve Strategic Clarity Work; ECEBC Provincial Conference Planning Committee; ECEBC Provincial Leadership Days; Provincial Board Member Early Childhood Educators of BC

     Past Roles/Work with a National Organization: Representative for the working group Human Services Child Care Sector Council Occupational Standards for Child Care Administrators; National Association of the Education of Young Children (NAEYC) World Conference Workshop Selection Committee

    Other Work/Volunteer History: Prime Ministers Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Education Selection Committee; Child Health BC/ Provincial Office for the Early Years-Early Years Healthy Eating and Physical Activity Advisory Committee; Member of the Peer Review Grant Committee for First People’s Heritage Language Culture Council BC; BC Rural Early Childhood Development Steering Committee; Vancouver Coastal Aboriginal Early Childhood Development Committee Member ; Manitoba Child Care Association –Member; Richmond Child Care Resource and Referral Program; Richmond City Council Child Care Development Board; Richmond City Child Care Advisory Council; Women in Business Powell River; Early Years Partnership Collaboration Table Kelowna, BC: CATCH Advisory Table (Community Action Towards Children’s Health) Kelowna, BC; Contributor to the First People’s Heritage Language Culture Council BC Language Nest Handbook for B.C.; First Nations Communities Fundraising and Committee; Planning Chair Pediatric Cancer- Cops Against Cancer BC: Chair of the Powell River, BC 0-6 Community Based Children’s Programs Building Blocks Committee; Past President Powell River, BC Branch of the Early Childhood Educators of BC; Chair Powell River, BC Ages and Stages Community Family Event; Co-Chair 35th Annual Powell River, BC Community Preschool Family Day; Co-Chair Powell River, BC Ages and Stages Community Family Event; Success by Six Round Table Discussions with Provincial Stakeholders Richmond, BC; Success by Six Committee Chair Bella Bella, BC; Leadership Forum Participant- Many Voices, Common Cause – Aboriginal Leadership Forum on ECD Province of BC

     Reason/Goals/Purpose to Join the CCCF Board:

    1. Improving the quality of early learning and child care services for Canadian families by implementing services and facilitating information for Canada’s child care sector.

    As a professional Early Childhood Educator, I made a commitment to the profession 32 years ago to always advocate for increasing the quality of Early Learning and Child Care Services for all families across Canada.

    It is my ongoing personal and professional responsibility to actively engage in Early Years tables, associations. I am fortunate enough, that as I engage in professional dialogue and collaborative work at the various Early Years tables I am involved with, that I can bring forth information and various initiatives forward in a respectful and proactive manner to help CCCF achieve excellence in Early Care and Learning.

    The work that I have been involved with has provided me opportunities to Chair Early Years meetings, set strategic workplans, implement community wide events and contribute to written reports for professionals.

    If you ask fellow Early Care and Learning Professionals who know me, they would share these reflections about how I have strived to improve the quality of early learning and child care services for Canadian families through implementing services for Canada’s child care sector….

    “Carla is a passionate and committed Early Childhood Educator for all children and their families.”

    “She is actively engaged with members and is involved and committed to hands on work for the profession and for raising the standards for professionalism.”

    “Carla does not shy away from being actively involved. She is level headed and understands the importance of collaborative work both Provincially and Nationally.”

    “Carla is personable, energetic and is committed to the Early Years profession”

    “Carla has demonstrated that she believes and advocates for a system of early care and learning can be implemented and sustained. Throughout her professional involvement at various levels she remains dedicated to the creation of a National early care and learning framework that will be sustained with adequate with long term funding.”

    2. Supporting the development and activities of Canada’s Provincial and Territorial child care associations

     As the Past President for the Early Childhood Educators of BC I have been honored to the BC Affiliate representative for CCCF. In the position of the BC affiliate representative for CCCF it provided many opportunities to support other organizations and engage in dialogue around the ongoing work of Canada’s Provincial and Territorial Child Care Associations.

    When I attended Child Care 2020 in Winnipeg in 2014, I met with and networked with many professionals across the country. Many of these professionals represented many of Canada’s Provincial and Territorial Child Care Associations and we forged a professional bond that continues I believe has made us stronger and even more untied.

    I also had the opportunity to meet other representatives and work alongside the CCCF Board of Directors in a successful face to face meeting in Ottawa in 2016. It cannot be stressed enough the importance of face to face meetings and how meetings like this help to develop respectful and collaborative relationships.

    I also support the development and activities of Canada’s Provincial and Territorial Child Care Associations by continuing to have my finger on the pulse. I ensure that I am continually informed as to the work that other Provincial and Territorial Associations are involved in, this is gathered through the websites organizations, CCCF e-news as well as social media.

    One way of also being informed what is taking place in the Early Care and Learning profession in other Provinces and Territories is being actively involved in both the CCCF Awards of Excellence Selection Committee and the selection committee for Prime Minister’s Awards for Excellence in Early Childhood Education. Through the volunteer work on the selection committees, I have spent countless hours being impacted and informed by the incredible professional work of professionals in the various organizations across the country. The stories, reflections and observations of professionals have not only informed me about the work that is taking place but have deeply moved me as a professional.

    I also support the continued work of all organizations by being a long time professional member of the Child Care Advocacy Association of Canada as it brings a Coast to Coast to Coast perspective on child care. I have also been a long time professional member of CCCF. I also have the unique perspective of having been a past member of the Manitoba Child Care Association.  I am a current member of the Early Childhood Educators of BC and BC Aboriginal Child Care Society.

    I have a deep commitment and understanding that through my own professional work Regionally, Provincially and Nationally it is crucial to honor diversity in each of our Provinces and Territories.

    3. Providing information and facilitating communication among members of Canada’s child care sector, government and others interested in supporting quality early learning and child care?

    As a professional Early Childhood Educator, I believe that it is my responsibility to seize those opportunities to participate in interactions that focus on quality early learning and child care.  How have I ensured my commitment in providing information and facilitating communication?

    1. I keep informed as to what meetings, Early Years tables, public events are available to attend to have Early Learning and Child Care on the agenda. If it isn’t on the agenda work towards having it included. I actively engage in conversation during these meetings, bringing focus to Early Care and Learning and speaking about the importance of quality and inclusiveness in Early Care and Learning.
    2. I am committed to following up and following through to invite those stakeholders to coffee to foster even deeper dialogue. Drop by offices, send an email (takes all of 2 minutes), call over the phone.
    3. MEMBERSHIP IN BOTH NATIONAL AND PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS. Early on in my own professional journey I realized the importance of membership that membership is key to supporting each of us on our own professional journey’s.  As I became more and more active in my professional associations I help to support collective professional goals. Through our professional National and Provincial/Territorial associations events are sponsored throughout the year that allow each of to connect with our fellow professional peers.  Through dialogue and activities, we as professionals can all share ideas, ask for advice, volunteer to be a speaker or become a member of a committee. We as professionals are stronger together and more untied if we are members of our National and Provincial and Territorial Associations.
    4. I have taken the opportunity to identify and approach typical and non-typical partners about Early Care and Learning. This can take shape in various forms; neighbors, employment interviews (I bet you are thinking did she really do this? Why yes, I did!) local MLA’s, Poverty Reduction Coalition luncheons and yes even the local Canada Boarder Services Agent who questions, “What do you do for work?” (I had the best conversation informing him about Early Care and Learning!). I have never passed up a moment to advocate for the profession and the importance of Early Care and Learning.
    5. I attend conferences, professional development opportunities. While at conferences and professional development opportunities I seize those opportunities to engage in dialogue surrounding the Early Years profession. I must stress that through these conversations, I have developed relationships that are supportive, respectful. Many of these relationships are maintained and have continued long term.
    6. I have been a member of the $10a day Plan Advisory Committee for the Early Childhood Educators of BC. Through this advisory committee as well as other Provincial Board of Directors work I have actively participated (and continue to do so) in the crucial work that will impact long term decisions surrounding quality early learning and child care.
    7. Through various training workshops I offer, (Early Learning Canada, ECEBC Best Choices- Ethical Journey training, professionalism workshops, CCCF’s Partners in Quality Workshop Series) there are a multitude of opportunities that have been presented to me to engage in conversations and activities. These opportunities foster the understanding and dialogue surrounding providing information and facilitating communication in supporting quality early learning and child care.

    4. Develop models, standards and guidelines for quality early learning and care, professional development and organizational design.

     Currently, I am involved in the Early Childhood Educators of BC crucial work surrounding a statement on reconciliation and that will help to guide the ongoing work of the organization.  This work is being conducted with the supportive relationships from our Indigenous partners.

    I have participated in the valuable Advisory Committee work on the $10aday Plan in British Columbia.

    I was the BC Representative on the Child Care Counsel Sector Occupational Competencies ongoing work. This work helps to continually impact standards of practice and guidelines for the profession.

    I participate in ongoing professional development training and have a full understanding that through increasing my own professional knowledge, that this is a strong sign of leadership.

    I have developed innovative and supportive workplace in the Frist nations community for which I have worked for 20 years. I have created a culture of continuous quality improvement for the programs for which I am involved in.

    I have a demonstrated strong commitment to my professional Code of Ethics. This has been done through my ongoing and active work as a Best Choices- Ethical Journey Guide. ( http://www.ecebc.ca/programs/ethics.html)

    I believe that for the profession that continually works towards developing innovative and effective models of care, ensuring the including to standards of practice and guidelines, that ethical training should be mandatory. This training can be initially started during initial training then be extended to all those organizations that support, legislate and enforce Provincial and Territorial regulations.

    I am committed to attend meetings with other Provincial and Territorial affiliates. I firmly believe that collectively we can learn so much from our interactions and developing long term relationships.

    I consistently seek out clarification surrounding latest models, standards of practices and guidelines. I have learned that whether we are new to the profession or a seasoned Early Childhood Educator we can continue to learn and inspire each other to raise the standards of professionalism.

    I have created an internationally recognized Early Years Language Nest Program in the Province of BC. Through ECEBC Leadership Initiative I had the opportunity to take the leadership project I participated in to an international level. The Leadership project focused on encouraging Males in the Early Care and Learning Profession.

    I have continually partnered with provincial and national organizations in developing initiatives that support the wellbeing of children and their families that incorporate the highest of Standards of Practice. I have participated in campaigns related to poverty, early childhood education, Indigenous cultural sensitivity and health.

     Name:             Scarlett, Christie

    From:             Calgary, AB

    Current Job: Director of Operations, Churchill Park Family Care Society

    Professional Membership: Member of the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta (AECEA), CCCF

    Past Roles/Work with a Provincial/Territorial Child Care Association:  Since being in a Director’s role, I have been driven to coach and mentor managers at Churchill Park’s programs by participating with the School Age Care Directors Association (SACDA), Alberta Family Child Care Association (AFCCA), and Association of Early Childhood Educators of Alberta (AECEA), as well as maintained an affiliation with Public Interest Alberta. I also contribute to community groups that indirectly impact the ELCC profession such as Child care Service Policy and Development Guidelines through the City of Calgary. Previously, I participated on the Mount Royal University Advisory Committee for Early Childhood.

    Past Roles/Work with a National Organization: I have been a Canadian Child Care Federation board member since November 2014 and have committed to continuing my work with the Canadian Child Care Federation as such, and have been involved in learning the role of Treasurer over the last year.

    Other Work/Volunteer History: I have been employed with Churchill Park Family Care Society for 13 years in a variety of leadership positions and currently have been the Director of Operations since 2011. This position has provided me many opportunities to strength my passion for children in to business projects, branding and marketing, finance. My previous experience defines the path of my passion, consistently ensuring Canada sees children as our future.

    Reason/Goals/Purpose to Join the CCCF Board: Advocacy can look very different. Every decision I make as a Director of Operations and as a parent or member of the community is based on how I can make a difference in the lives of children and families. I make those decisions daily. Now I hope to make those decisions nationally. CCCF offers a lot to early childhood practitioners, families, and children across Canada. CCCF is that connection for people, across Canada, to receive the support required to successfully obtain a consistent message and understanding about child care. It is important to observe nationally what is occurring so each province can learn and move forward in unity. CCCF is that consistent movement and I want to be a part of it. Who more should we advocate for then the vulnerable sectors, our future.

    Name:             Skuce, Denise

     From:             Saskatoon, SK

     Current Job:  East Side Director, Tykes and Tots Early Learning Inc.

     Professional Membership: Saskatchewan Early Childhood Association (SECA), Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF)

     Past Roles/Work with a Provincial/Territorial Child Care Association: SECA Board Member; Saskatchewan Association of Child Care Homes Inc. Board Member; Saskatoon Family Child Care Home Association Board Member

     Past Roles/Work with a National Organization: Board Member CAYC Saskatoon Satellite Chapter

     Other Work/Volunteer History: As the Director of two Early Learning Centre’s since April 2017 and having had my own successful family child care home previously which ran for 22 years, it is clear I have made children my life career.  I am a current member of the Saskatchewan Early Childhood Association, as well as, the Canadian Child Care Federation, and am on the board for the CAYC Saskatoon Satellite Chapter.  In 2010 I completed my Early Childhood Education Diploma and was granted my ECE Level III.  Currently I am pursing my certificate in the Forest School Canada Practitioners course after my attendance there in 2015.  In the past I have been a part of the CCCF Early Learning Leaders Caucus in Saskatchewan.

     Reason/Goals/Purpose to Join the CCCF Board: Children, their upbringing, and wellbeing are my passion.  I know that in today’s busy world it is imperative that there are plenty of childcare homes and centers for children to learn and grow in.  I am a strong advocate for children spending more time outdoors and connecting with nature.  I believe children should be challenged to participate in risky play to nurture and grow the whole person.  It is the responsibility of current Early Childhood Educations, Providers, and Directors to be strong leaders and exemplify to those seeking a future and career in childcare the importance and necessity of continuing and consistent care for each individual child.

    I have been involved in many organizations that pertain to Early Learning in the city of Saskatoon and in the province Saskatchewan.  I want to expand on this and get more involved with what is happening on a national level and to help bridge the gaps between provinces.

    My goal is to get Saskatchewan moving toward being the forefront of Early Learning and Care in all of Canada.  All children across our country should have access to quality Early Childhood Programs and I want to make that a reality.

    With my strong advocacy for outdoor learning and passion for children and childcare please accept this as my application for nomination to serve on the CCCF Board of Directors.

     Name:             Stapleton, Donna

     From:             Bridgewater, Nova Scotia

    Current Job:  Executive Director, Small World Learning Centre

     Professional Membership: Nova Scotia Child Care Association (NSCCA), Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF)

     Past Roles/Work with a Provincial/Territorial Child Care Association:  Past Co-Chair and Board Member of Child Care Connections Nova Scotia

     Past Roles/Work with a National Organization: NA

    Other Work/Volunteer History: Lead Teacher, Day Break Parent Child Centre, NL; Infant Care Educator, Fox Trap High School, NL; Special Needs Educator, St. Joseph’s Child Care Centre, Halifax: Co-founder and member of South Shore Director’s Group; Member of Nova Scotia Non-Profit Director’s Association of Nova Scotia: Member of Bridgewater & Area Chamber of Commerce: Member of North American Reggio Alliance: Member of Town of Bridgewater Open Space Plan Advisory Committee: Completing a BA in Human Service Administration from MacEwan University, Edmonton (December 2017): Management Development Certificate (2007) St. Mary’s University: Management Development for Early Childhood Administrators (2007) Mount Saint Vincent University: Piloting Nova Scotia’s new early learning curriculum (2017): Piloting a Dalhousie University Study “Physical Literacy in the Early Years” (2017);

    Contributor in Susan Stacey’s books “The Unscripted Classroom” (2011), “Pedagogical Documentation in Early Childhood” (2015) and will be featured in her next book (2018).

     Reason/Goals/Purpose to Join the CCCF Board: I will contribute to the CCCF and its mission to achieve excellence in early learning and care by drawing on my experiences, education and passion of early childhood education. I will do this though consultation with my colleagues, families and community and through advocacy. I live in rural Nova Scotia, it has been important for me to leave my community and connect with and learn from others so that I could ensure that we are providing a high quality program for children.  I am interested in learning more about becoming a stronger advocate for young children and I think that being on the CCCF board would help me achieve this goal.

     Name:             Stevenson, Angie

     From:             St. Brieux, SK

    Current Job: Executive Director, St. Brieux Community Child Care Centre Inc.

     Professional Membership: Saskatchewan Early Childhood Association (SECA), Canadian Child Care Federation (CCCF)

    Past Roles/Work with a Provincial/Territorial Child Care Association: Chairperson, SECA. Board member from 2009- present.  Member of the Early Learning Leader Caucus Saskatchewan since 2007.

    Past Roles/Work with a National Organization: NA

     Other Work/Volunteer History:  I have been in the Early Childhood Education sector since 2001 when I graduated with my Early Childhood Education Diploma from what was known then as SIAST, which is located in Saskatoon, SK.  I started my ECE career working with Infants.  I worked at Oak Trees and Acorns for 2 years before returning to my home town.  Upon return to my home town I was employed at our local agriculture industries while awaiting the opening of St. Brieux Community Childcare Centre Inc.  When St. Brieux Community Childcare Centre opened in February 2006 I was employed as an ECE with the Infant room as well as the Assistant Director.  When the Director resigned in May of 2006 I took over as Director and have been employed with St. Brieux Community Childcare Centre since.  Our centre is a large rural centre with 74 spaces and an average of 20 staff.  I have also taken up the role of Chairperson for our regional North East Daycare Director’s Co-operative 2007-present) as well as actively involved with SECA.

    Reason/Goals/Purpose to Join the CCCF Board: I believe I would make a great candidate for the CCCF Board as I have a vast knowledge of the issues and concerns of Early Learning Facilities, both in rural and urban Saskatchewan.  I also have a great working relationship with many Ministry of Education- Early Years Branch officials.  I have committed my career to Early Childhood and the growth of our field.  I am an avid supporter of both SECA and the CCCF and am always interested in what I can do to help both organizations grow and develop.  My Childcare Centre has been recognized as one of the top in Saskatchewan by SECA and many of my staff members have also won awards of excellence.  I do not believe in maintaining the status quo when it comes to our children.  I believe we can always strive to grow and do better for them.

    I look forward to the possibility of working with others nationally.  I feel like there are great changes coming our way in the near future.  I also feel like having a strong voice from the prairie provinces on the CCCF will be a valuable asset.

    Name:             Taya Whitehead

     From:             Robson (Castlegar), British Colombia

    Current Job:  ECCE Instructor, Selkirk College

    Professional Membership: Early Childhood Educators of British Columbia (ECEBC) and a member of the CCCF.

    Past Roles/Work with a Provincial/Territorial Child Care Association:  I joined ECEBC in 1998 as a student member. I am a past President of the Early Childhood Educators of British Columbia and volunteer my time in a variety of other capacities locally and provincially. I am currently contracted with ECEBC to develop leadership curriculum for Phase 2 of the ECEBC Leadership Initiative.

    Past Roles/Work with a National Organization:  I have completed my first full, 3-year term on the CCCF Board (following a one-year appointment) and feel as if I am finally grounded in the role of a CCCF Board member. I believe that I bring a variety of skills and scope of knowledge to the table from a rural BC perspective, as a post-secondary educator and within my past and current roles for ECEBC. I am a strong team player, eager to be involved and passionate about the sector.

    Other Work/Volunteer History:  I have been an Early Childhood Educator for the past 18 years. I completed my initial ECE training in 1998 at Selkirk College in Castlegar, British Columbia. Following my ECE training, I completed a Diploma in Human Services and a BA in Child and Youth Care from the University of Victoria. I have recently completed a Master’s degree from Athabasca University. My experience is broad, ranging from Group and Infant/Toddler Care to the Supported Child Development Program. For the past nine years, I have been an instructor in the ECCE program at Selkirk College.

     Reason/Goals/Purpose to Join the CCCF Board: I am a wife and mother of three children; I live in the rural Kootenay region of British Columbia. I feel that we are at a pivotal point in history where there is opportunity to make great strides in advancing our sector. I am a passionate, “big picture” thinker that commits myself wholly to projects that I am involved in. I can support the CCCF in its mission to achieve excellence in early learning and care through my work at a local, provincial and national level. I consider myself first of all an ECE, but also an adult educator and an advocate. I also have a significant amount of experience with online training and instruction that may be useful as the CCCF explores options for our members.