About CCCF

    Canadian Child Care Federation – committed to best practice in early childhood education.
    Our organization is about the value of children. We value children.

    In order to protect and enhance our children, to promote their safety and their healthy growth and development, we are committed to providing Canadians with the very best in early learning and child care knowledge and best practices. Our tools are research and knowledge dissemination, the creation and nurturing of active networks.

    Our strengths are:

    • Our national scope – giving us a unique, informed frame of reference;
    • Our national network – affiliates from coast to coast to coast who give us strength, knowledge, perspective, and credibility; and
    • Our history – a legacy of excellence spanning over a quarter of a century that gives us a level of trust and credibility with Canadian institutions, individuals, and families.
    • Working in partnership with our affiliates, we are committed to:
      • The importance of quality early learning and child care as an essential Canadian value and a right worth protecting and enhancing;
      • The importance of quality delivery of early learning and child care as crucial elements in the healthy development of our children;
      • The importance of competent, well-trained professionals who deliver quality early learning and child care with passion and pride

    Our History:

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