Behaviour Guidance

    Whether one is a child care veteran, a new grad entering the field, a student in an ECE program or a parent, the topic of children’s behaviour is a hot one. Each day we read, hear or see evidence of discipline gone awry.

    Most of us have strong opinions on how to guide children’s behaviour. Unfortunately, these opinions often focus on stopping the inappropriate behaviour and neglect to give significant emphasis to helping children learn new, more appropriate ways to behave. People who work with young children have a golden opportunity and an awesome responsibility to help children learn to make appropriate behaviour choices which, in turn, can lead to enhanced self-esteem and self-discipline.

    The following CCCF resources offer more insights on this topic:

    Meeting the Challenge

    This user-friendly 40-page publication, teaches adults who work with young children and their families how to provide the effective early intervention that researchers see as key.

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