Children’s Environmental Health

    Here is where you will find CCCF and various CCCF partner resources on children’s environmental health.

    Healthy Spaces Website

    This interactive site has been designed by the Canadian Child Care Federation and the Canadian Institute of Child Health for parents and caregivers of young children. Learn how to protect kids from environmental contaminants in places where they grow, learn and play by visiting the site today.

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    Children’s Environmental Health Learning Kit

    Excellent for workshops, presentations, parent discussion groups or staff meetings. This innovative kit includes a research paper, a facilitator’s guide and presentation tools.

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    Supplemental Resource Sheets

    Our Environmental Health Partners:

    Canadian Partnership for Children’s Health and the Environment (CPCHE)

    CPCHE partners have developed numerous educational resources for early learning and child care practitioners and others who work in this sector, as well as parents. As a founding member of CPCHE, the Canadian Child Care Federation is proud to work with leading experts in children’s environmental health to translate the most recent research into accessible resources for parents and practitioners.

    Other Resources

    Advancing Environmental Health in Child Care Settings –
    A Checklist for Child Care Practitioners and Public Health Inspectors

    This user-friendly checklist is designed to assist child care practitioners and public health inspectors in identifying practical steps to reduce children’s exposures to toxic chemicals and pollutants in various indoor and outdoor child care settings. Bound in a 3-ring binder and supplemented by supporting information, this document is intended for use by child care staff and the public health inspectors who work with them as a tool for identifying options and tracking progress over time.

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    Eco-Healthy Child Care: Treated Playground Equipment

    Eco-Healthy Child Care: Furniture & Carpets

    Oregon Environmental Council’s GREEN CLEANING GUIDE