Early Childhood Education and the School System

    The Changing Landscapes of Early Childhood Education

    There are opportunities and challenges of integrating early childhood education and school systems.

    CCCF supports the integrated model in principle; it can build a strong and seamless system that will enhance services for children and families and give our young children a chance for optimal development.

    • Reflections on Shaping an Integrated System of Early Learning & Child Care and Education for Children in Canada

    Early learning and child care must have a strong, informed voice over the coming months and years. CCCF is committed to being engaged in the development of a high quality system informed by this plan. As a national organization with provincial and territorial affiliate organizations, the Canadian Child Care Federation plays a key leadership role for ELCC in Canada.

    We are pleased to offer links to resources and opportunities to participate in online discussions about this emerging topic.

    We want to hear from you!

    CCCF wants to hear your thoughts and will maintain and moderate discussion on its facebook page. We invite you to share your reflections and suggest web links and other important information on shaping a high quality integrated education system for children 0-12 years old that will support all children in Canada to reach their full potential.

    We have collected and posted a variety of resources to provide you with background and insight on this issue.

    • Care and Learning together Project: Five country case Studies from UNESCO project on integrating ECEC within the education system


    CCCF Full Day Learning Resource Kit – for ECEs transitioning to School Board Full Day Learning Programs

    With the introduction of full day learning programs in schools, many of you will find yourselves working in new environments alongside elementary school teachers. The Canadian Child Care Federation has put together a selection of our top resources to help inform, build relationships and empower you in your new role.

    The CCCF Full Day Learning Resource Kit contains:

    •  Foundations for Numeracy resources for both early learning environments and the school years
    •  From Birth to Life Language and Literacy resources
    •  2 Moving and Growing volumes that cover from 2-6 years
    •  10 of our top Resource Sheets
    •  Meeting the Challenge
    •  Physical Activity CD and
    •  Partners in Quality- Relationships resource

    Start the year off right and make connections with both parents and colleagues.

    • Care and Learning together Project: Five country case Studies from UNESCO project on integrating ECEC within the education system
    • Early Learning and Care Impact Analysis by the Centre for Special Economics
    • Economic Consequences of Quebec’s Educational Childcare Policy
    • The Economic and Social Payoffs of Full Day Early Learning – An economic analysis of the recommendations of With Our Best Future in Mind
    • Monitoring quality in early childhood education programs:
      A bunch of W’s and one H

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    Full Day Learning Across Canada

    Here is additional information organized by province. If you have or know of additional resources to guide us to, please forward them to Robin McMillan – rmcmillan@cccf-fcsge.ca


    A website hosted by our affiliate the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Ontario


    The Coalition of Child Care Advocates of BC and our affiliate the Early Childhood Educators of BC released a draft plan for an Integrated System of Early Care and Learning in BC. The draft responded to BC’s implementation of full school day Kindergarten for 5 year olds and the deepening child care crisis facing BC families.

    A Community Plan for a Public System of Integrated Early Care and Learning.


    Planning for the Future: Nursery and Full Day Kindergarten. A Briefing Note developed by our affiliate, the Manitoba Child Care Association  www.mccahouse.org


    Mary Walsh, Chairperson of our affiliate the Association of Early Childhood Educators of Newfoundland and Labrador, was interviewed by Azzo Rezori of CBC about the possibility of all-day kindergarten in Newfoundland. You can view the video and read the story by clicking here.