Language and Literacy: From Birth… For Life

    This multimedia resource kit, is based on the latest research into how young children develop the ability to use language and to read and write.

    You may find that some of the ideas here are different from what you thought you knew about language and literacy, but one important thing has not changed: child care practitioners play a vital role in fostering language and literacy skills.

    Through this resource kit, we hope that you will discover many new and effective ways to enhance what you are already doing in your day-to-day practice to support children in the literacy journey that starts at birth and provides a solid foundation for life.

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    • Introduction to Language and Literacy: From Birth… For Life
    • Resource Sheet 1: Introducing David: One child’s journey toward language and literacy
    • Resource Sheet 2: How David’s child care practitioner encourages language and literacy
    • Resource Sheet 3: Child care knowledge at work: How Beth observes and records David’s progress
    • Resource Sheet 4: How David’s parents encourage language and literacy
    • Resource Sheet 5: Learning a new language at home: How Rose teaches David to speak is traditional language, and Beth incorporates David’s culture into her child care day
    • Resource Sheet 6: Learning a second language while in child care: How Beth encourages and supports Hamid and his parents
    • Research Paper

    Resources were produced jointly by the Canadian Child Care Federation and the Canadian Language and Literacy Research Network.