Physical Activity

    Moving and Growing

    In response to growing concern about type 2 diabetes in children in Canada, the CCCF, and the Canadian Institute of Child Health (CICH) have joined together to review and update CICH’s popular physical activity series, Moving and Growing, first published 20 years ago.

    The Moving and Growing series is designed to help you and your child develop lifelong habits of physical activity. Each illustrated booklet outlines the benefits of physical activity, how to choose appropriate activities, how to encourage physical activity and children’s developmental skills by age group.

    • Physical Activities for the First Two Years
    • Physical Activities for Twos, Threes and Fours
    • Physical Activities for Fives and Sixes
    • Physical Activities for Sevens and Eights

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    Quality Environments and Best Practices to Support Physical Activity in the Early Years

    This interactive CD, full of evidence-based resources, will help you improve your physical activity programming. Includes 10 resource sheets, 7 workshops, a library of additional resources, a supplementary reading list and video interviews with experts in physical activity and play for young children.

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