What the federal parties are saying on child care

    In federal election 2019, here is what Canada’s federal parties are promising for child care.

    Are they building a solid foundation that supports Affordability, Accessibility and Quality of Child Care in Canada? Check out their plans here:

    Conservative Party of Canada https://www.conservative.ca/team/

    Green Party https://www.greenparty.ca/en/platform/renew-social-contract

    Liberal Party of Canada https://2019.liberal.ca/our-plan/more-accessible-child-care-for-families/

    New Democratic Party https://www.ndp.ca/affordability

    Bloc québécois : http://www.blocquebecois.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/09/Plateforme_Bloc2019_web-1.pdf

    Federal Election 2019 Child Care Platforms:

    Election 2019 Party Platforms

    One page election resource:

    Affordable, Accessible, Quality Child Care For All - CCCF election resource

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    Vote for Quality Child Care in the 2019 Federal Election

    Vote for Quality Child Care in the 2019 Federal Election

    Vote Quality Child Care Election 2019

    Quality Child Care Matters. Vote for Child Care in the 2019 Federal Election